What Happens With Home Equity Loans And Lines Of Credit After Your House Is Foreclosed On?

Home equity loans or lines of credit, are basically second mortgages that give you a line of credit based upon equity you carry in your home. After foreclosure, the equity in your property disappears as does your ability to make new purchases using your line of credit. Furthermore, you're still responsible to repay any amount you previously charged using your equity loan or line of credit.  


Is any Small Business Able to Apply for a Grant to help get Started?

You will find that unless you are a nonprofit, in basic research or daycare, there are no grants for a small business.  For further information, go to http://www.grants.gov/ and follow the instructions.

Some cities offer grants to small businesses if they will locate in the downtown area or…

Will The Tax Rebate Be Offset if you Default on Your Student Loans?

Yes.  The government has powerful tools to use against borrowers who don't make student loan payments.  This is one of many ways.

The IRS can intercept any income tax refund you may be entitled to until your student loans are paid in full. This is one of the most popular methods of collecting on defaulted loans, and the Department of Education annually collects hundreds of millions of dollars…

Where Can I Get A Standby Letter Of Credit?

A Standby Letter of Credit (called“SLC or “LC” ) are written obligations of an issuing bank to pay a sum of money to a beneficiary on behalf of their customer in the event that the customer does not pay the beneficiary.  It is important to note that standby letters of credit apply only whenever the issuing bank's commitment to pay is not contingent on the existence, validity and enforceability of…

What do to With a Surplus of Cash in Your Small Business

A cash surplus is the cash that exceeds cash required for daily business operations. How you handle your cash surplus is just as important as the management of money into and out of your cash flow cycle.  Two of the most common uses of extra cash are:

Paying down your debt
Investing the cash surplus
Paying down debt is generally the first option considered…

How to Prove Income for a Car Loan When Working For Tips

In order to use the income for car loan purposes, you would have to have claimed it on your tax returns. Theoretically, you claimed all yout tip income on your returns just as you claim your W2 income – this is required by the IRS. While we understand that many people do not claim their full cash earnings, or even fully inderstand that they are supposed…

What is The Difference Between a Personal Line of Credit and a Credit Card?

A line of credit allows you to make buys, usually through your bank account and then you will have to pay it back. A credit cards allows you to make buys with a credit limit.
A line of credit is an account set up with a limit established and you can write checks against it , up to the credit limit. You pay interest on any money used until it is paid back, there is no…

How is a Credit Score For a Small Business Established?

Typically three types of information regarding your business in considered:
1) Credit obligation information from your suppliers and lenders
2) Legal filings from local, county and state courts
3)Company background information from independent sources, including state filing offices, public records, credit card companies, collection agencies, corporate…

How Does AFS Decide Whether to Finance a Business?

We take time to understand where your business is going and what lessons you have learned. We focus more on the present and future than on the past. We look for creative ways to lessen factors that other lenders might see as risk. One way we do this is by referring the business owner with a performance coach.
Even if we can’t approve your loan request, we will refer you…

A Solid Direct Cash Advance Site Offering Small Loans

Small Loans are the best solution available when you are short on cash. With different types of loans on offer, what makes a quick small loan the best option in such situations? Here are some of the pros of these quick-fix cash loans... 

Fast availability. Whenever there is a financial crisis and quick money is needed, small loans are a great solution, as…

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