What types of funding do entrepreneurs and small business use to finance their ventures?

Financing falls into two categories: debt and equity. In addition, when a small business obtains a government procurement contract, it can play a similar role as traditional financing, providing the spark and fuel that are needed for the firm to grow.  
Advantages to equity financing:
It's less risky than a loan because you don't have to pay…

What share of small businesses use financing?

The answer to this question depends on whom you ask. According to the Kauffman Firm Survey, one-third of young firms do not use capital injections. Instead they rely on owner investment or nonbank sources of funds. A Census Bureau dataset finds that over half of existing firms do not need expansion financing. This reflects the fact that many businesses are not growth businesses; they reach an optimal…

How are women-owned ventures financed?

Women are more likely than males to start businesses without seeking financing. Women-owned businesses (just like their male counterparts) largely depend on personal finances; they are more likely to use credit cards to fund their businesses. And women are almost half as likely as male-owned businesses to obtain business loans from banks. This puts women-owned

Are Bankruptcy Personal Loans Possible?

This is more complicated than a yes or no answer - though the answer is yes. Bankruptcy personal loans are possible but they won't be easy to get and you may be limited to the same type of bad credit personal loan that other borrowers are able to find. There are many factors which contribute to having bad credit, and a bankruptcy is just one type of event that can lower your credit score.

What is an installment loan?

An installment loan is a long-term loan, usually due in small installments spread out over several weeks.  Under an installment loan, the lender gives the borrower a certain amount of credit. Unlike payday loans, which usually need to be repaid within 14-31 days, an installment loan is paid out in monthly installments over the course of several months.
To avoid the interest…

Can I get a personal loan while unemployed?

Borrowers can get a personal loan while unemployed, but it highly depends on the lender’s discretion. When lenders decide if a borrower is a suitable applicant, the likelihood of repayment is paramount. Lenders scrutinize a borrower’s income, and a job is part of that stable income history.
Ron Suber, head of global institutional sales for 

How do I reduce my business loan payments if my business is struggling?

There are several ways that business loan borrowers can reduce their payments if their business is struggling. Businesses have been intensely competing in the ongoing recovery, making business loan repayment a sometimes difficult feat.
Borrowers should try to stretch out amortization if they are having trouble with the business loans they borrowed thus exteding the payment…

Can I get a business loan if I am still in college?

Yes, you can get a commercial loan if you are still in college!  However, you will need to put some work into it since there are a few obstacles that young borrowers—like college students—specifically face.
“College students face the triple hurdle of insufficient credit history, low collateral, and if they have student loans, high current debt load. This makes them a…

What is TARP?

TARP is the Troubled Asset Relief Program and was passed into law on Oct. 3, 2008 by President George W. Bush.  It was created by the U.S. government after the recent financial crisis. It was implemented to purchase equity and assets from financial companies in the hopes of strengthening the financial sector.  The program allows the U.S. Treasury to purchase or insure up to $700 billion of troubled…

What are SBA business loans?

The Small Business Administration, more commonly known in financing circles as the SBA, offers government-backed business loans.  Aspiring entrepreneurs should be aware of SBA business loans since these financing tools are widely available and meant to help spur the nation’s small businesses.
When are SBA Business Loans Useful?

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