Can I defer a payday loan?

It is usually possible to defer a payday loan. Unfortunately, though, not all lenders allow their borrowers to delay payments on their short-term loans. In order to defer debt, payday loan borrowers should read their agreement. Different companies have different policies. While most allow some form of deferment, some completely omit an option for customers that want to delay a payment.

How do I find out my state’s payday loan laws?

There are several ways that prospective or current payday loan borrowers can find out their state’s laws concerning payday lending. Across the country, different states have different laws and various levels of regulation for payday loans. Surprisingly, some states even prohibit payday lending completely. Prospective customers should review their state’s laws before borrowing payday loans that…

Which loan should I pay off first?

If you’re struggling under multiple kinds of debt, the best strategy is to assess your financial situation and develop a plan to pay off each loan. Individuals with serious debt problems should focus on four kinds of financial obligations: basic necessities, secured debt, unsecured debt, and savings.
Basic necessities
Food, clothing,…

How has the business cycle affected SBA loans?

While the economic downturn has substantially affected the number of SBA loans, the dollar amount has changed 
less. In some ways SBA loans are a shock absorber in times when credit is tight, but even this program is not 
immune to the economics of decreased loan demand in the peak and nadir of a downturn. Making the data difficult 
to interpret is the fact…

What is the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit?

It can be confusing, since both the home equity loan and the home equity line of credit use your home as collateral. Plus, both are sometimes referred to as a second mortgage, because they are secured by your property, just like your original (first) mortgage.
A home equity loan, sometimes called a term loan, supplies you with a fixed amount of money, payable over a fixed…

How does a home equity line of credit work?

A home equity line of credit is a form of revolving credit in which your home serves as collateral. Because the home is likely to be a consumer's largest asset, many homeowners use their line of credit only for major items such as education, home improvements, or medical bills and not for day-to-day expenses.
With a home equity line, you will be approved for a specific…

A Highly Recommended Company From Which To Obtain An Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loan

Personal loans are often used to pay down and consolidate debt on high interest credit cards, cover emergency or unexpected expenses, medical bills, education tuition, home improvements bills, moving costs, weddings, paying taxes, and more. An unsecured personal loan could be a good option regardless of whether you have a good credit or bad credit history.
Depending on…

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