About Us


We have a database with many lenders that we constantly research and monitor, keeping ourselves abreast of their lending habits and
requirements so that we can keep a keen eye out for those lenders that may be interested in loaning you unsecured funds for your
specific circumstance and need.


At AFS, we use state of the art interactive website technology and sophisticated desk top conferencing which allows you to be virtually in our office receiving a personalized unsecured loan consultation, studying the lenders disclosures, submitting your loan applications and checking your loan status all from the comfort of your own home or office, all the while having an AFSLoansOnline expert consultant there with you to answer any questions and to consult with you throughout the entire process. Most approvals range from 24-48 hours.


AFSLoansOnline unsecured loan consultants are experts at helping you gain approval for your unsecured loan or unsecured line of credit. We are so convinced in our ability to help you gain approval for the funds you need, that we offer you our 100% approval guarantee, whereby you don’t pay for our consultation services unless you get approved for your loan and gain access to your funds. There are no pre-qualifying fees, no upfront charges, and no hidden costs at all. That means that you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.


There are no hidden high current personal or business loan interest rates because we research some of the largest lenders in the country that can offer unsecured loans to you at very competitive current and best loan rates. Although a lot of the interest rate formulas are based on your credit rating and history, most loans are offered at prime + 2% to prime + 7%. You may even get a better rate if you qualify, but that’s between the lender and you. We don’t set the interest rates, terms, or conditions of the loan. You will have the final say in your loan approval.


How Accommodative Financial Solutions – AFSLoansOnline helps you get a personal or business unsecured or secured loan online. Accommodative Financial Solutions finds you the available loan and credit opportunities that we can locate in the marketplace that suit your requirements with no upfront costs to you. Then we allow you to choose which loans applications suit your needs best and help you to apply for those loans, but only after you have chose to go forward, there is no obligation on your part to go forward. Since, we are not your certified financial consultants or planner, it is always a excellent thought for you to seek professional financial advice before signing for any loans. To sum it up, Accommodative Financial Solutions is your one stop shop to locate and seek out for you any and all of the credit opportunities that already exist in the market place but are not heavily advertised such that even though they are available, most people don’t even know that they exist but we try and find them. We cannot guarentee that they are the best opportunities that exist, but they are the best we have found that we belive will work for you. We try and find the opportunities that would work best for your unique situation and we are constantly researching lenders to expose additional loan and credit opportunities for you to apply for, so that you can take advantage of them.

We use our computerized efficiency to drive our costs down and we pass those savings along to you – making our fees among the lowest in the industry. We base our fees on the type of loan package that is personally geared for your success and our fees will vary from loan to loan depending on the loan package that works best for you. You can always expect our expert unsecured loan consultants to tell you upfront and in writing exactly what your charges will be based on your loan package. Since we work on a contingency basis, your fees will be due only after your loan has been approved and funded.

We hope that after reading the facts you feel comfortable choosing AFSLoansOnline as your personalized unsecured loan consulting company.

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